It’s a rainy day and your kids are whining because they can’t go outside.

And, while they’re all too eager to jump on their mini-IPad or Kindle to play a game by themselves, you’d like to sit down at a table and all play together.

Just like you did when you were growing up.

Remember how much fun it was, wandering around the CandyLand board, or trouncing your brother in a spirited game of Monopoly?

You can recapture that magic with your kids using vintage editions of these games.

These aren’t the cheap versions you might find on the shelves of Wal-Mart. They’re made of the same sturdy materials you’ll recall from childhood.

Even the plastic bubble on the classic — and hilarious — game of Trouble is durable enough to withstand even a two-year-old’s persistent pounding.

So, without further ado, here are the Five Cool Games You Can Play With Your Kids. Some are old favorites. Some may be new to you.

Quirkle Board Game


An addictive strategy game in the tradition of Sequence, Scrabble, and Othello, the Qwirkle Board Game from MindWare has a simple, straightforward premise. Match tiles and win points. But the real joy of the game lies in plotting and scheming your way to victory. Qwirkle board game is one of the best for all ages.

qwirkle board game

Winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award and a Mensa Select National Competition Winner, Qwirkle is destined to be a family game night favorite. This game is designed for ages six and up and for two to four players.

Features and Benefits:
  • TACTICAL STRATEGY: Featuring a massive amount of in-game choices, including three tiles each of thirty-six possible color-symbol combinations, Qwirkle is the perfect game to hone player’s tactical maneuvers, strategical planning, and forward thinking. Will you see the monolithic move that catapults you into first place?
  • EASY-TO-FOLLOW RULES: An engaging game with easy-to-follow rules, Qwirkle is great for younger players. The rules of the game are basic. Simply build lines by matching tiles based on either color or shape, and score points for doing so. However, the ability to build complex combinations will keep children interested and engaged. It will also challenge them mentally.
  • GAMES THAT TEACH: Qwirkle is playable from early ages up. It allows young children and older individuals alike to develop and hone their spacial recognition, planning, and problem solving skills. Plan, win, and learn simultaneously!
  • FAMILY FAVORITE: Qwirkle is a fantastic game for families. It can involve a wide range of age, from children to adults. It only takes a few moments to explain. New players such as extended family or your child’s play dates can jump right in and play.
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4.8 out of 5 stars 2,283 customer reviews

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Fun Table Games for Kids — Trouble


Can you stay out of trouble long enough to win the game? Trouble is a classically fun game in which players race to be the first person move all their pegs around the game board and into the finish slots to win. But watch out! If another player lands on the same spot as you, your peg has to start over.  It’s a fun table games for kids.

fun table games for kids

Featuring a fun Pop-O-Matic bubble to roll the dice, Trouble is a race to the finish!. Each game comes with a game board, pop-o-matic dice roller, 16 pegs and instructions. Trouble is recommended for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. The average playing time is 25-35 minutes.

Features and Benefits:
  • Fun for all ages
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Recommended for 2 to 4 players
  • Includes plastic game board
  • Includes pop-o-matic die roller
  • English and Spanish instructions
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Fun Table Games for Kids — Yahtzee


Yahtzee has been one of the most popular dice games in the United States since its introduction in the 1950s. Today, over 50 million games are sold each year. It’s one of the most fun table games for kids

fun table games for kids

The game was invented by an anonymous Canadian couple, who called it ‘The Yacht Game’ because they played it on their yacht with their friends.

The best ‘hand’ in a game of Yahtzee is a five of a kind. The game is played with five dice, and if you get five dice all with the same number, then you’ve scored a ‘Yahtzee’. The name of the game is also the name of the best hand.

The odds of rolling a Yahtzee on your first roll are 1295 to 1. So, you won’t see that happen too often–at least not on a single roll.

The best ‘hand’ in a game of Yahtzee is a five of a kind. The game is played with five dice, and if you get five dice all with the same number, then you’ve scored a ‘Yahtzee’.

Features and Benefits:
  • Introduced over fifty years ago
  • Same styling as the original game
  • Aluminum rimmed dice cup, five dice, score pad and bonus chips
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Board Games for 2 People — Operation


You’re the doctor when you play Operation. Take turns removing various “ailments” from the patient’s body with tweezers, but watch out! Don’t set off the buzzer! One of the best board games for 2 people, this classic game is great fun for everyone. For 1 or more players, ages 6 and up. From Milton Bradley. Made in USA.

board games for 2 people

Remember trying to “diagnose” and then remove ailments like:

  • Brain Freeze – an ice-cream cone located in the brain
  • Writer’s Cramp – a pencil in the forearm
  • Water on the Knee – a pail of water in the knee

Without setting off the buzzer?

Features and Benefits:
  • Doctor, the patient is here to see you
  • Use all your skill and coordination to remove the patient’s “ailments” with the tweezers
  • If you successfully remove the ailment you collect the amount shown on your card
  • The winner is the player with the most money after all the pieces have been removed
  • Buzzer & Light Only Version
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Old Family Board Games — CandyLand


Celebrating over 65 years of great family fun, this classic edition of Candy Land features the charming graphics and components from the game’s early days. Candy Land was created in the 1940’s and has been a favorite “first” game of children ever since. One of the best old family board games.

games to play in groups for fun

Millions of young children have learned how to recognize colors, and practice counting. In addition, they have acquired the skills of taking turns and following directions, all with the help of this delightful game. This simple, race-to-the-finish game is a rite of passage for all children. The game was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York IN 2005.

This edition of Candy Land will bring back fond memories.

  • Gumdrop Mountains
  • Candy Hearts
  • Peppermint Stick Forest
  • Lollypop Woods
  • Ice Cream Floats,
  • The Gingerbread Plum Tree
  • The Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House and
  • Molasses Swamp.

Included are your favorite Gingerbread Men movers, along with the traditional deck of colorful cards, which guide each move. The first player to wind their way to the pink-frosted Home Sweet Home wins the game! Playing Time 15-20 minutes for 2-4 players. Contents include a Bi-fold, heavy duty game board, 4 plastic gingerbread men movers, a deck of 64 cards and Instructions that includes “The Story of Candy Land”.

Features and Benefits:
  • Celebrating over 65 years of great family fun!
  • Game includes Bi-fold heavy-duty game board, 4 plastic gingerbread men movers, deck of 64 cards and instructions
  • This game is inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame!
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4.8 out of 5 stars 285 customer reviews

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